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About Us

Welcome to TRIVED UNITED PRIVATE LIMITED, incorporated on this Thirty First day of May Two Thousand Twenty Three under the companies Act, 2013 (18 of 2013) and that the company is Company limited by shares, a top-notch leading company for providing quality training for unemployed youths and to deploy the trained youths in companies' food processing units, our top destination for innovative ideas dedicated to providing exceptional services with a team of highly skilled and passionate professionals at improving the ways of living by making awareness about maintaining lives through employment including natural resources with employment generation in sustainable development models.

We strive to exceed our clients expectations and deliver top notch products and services that drives success and growth for the country.




What my Company, TRIVED UNITED PRIVATE LIMITED is doing now is running a training centre for making the youth trained with expertise for supporting production unit of food processing along with vocational training institute of  different subject for different professions where my organization goal is to train rural youths and after that deploy them in the unit of production and services of the company.

 This company is a small one with a big mission to create great recordings of wonderful programs projects activities and functions providing high quality products and services to gain they customers trust.
 It is for the unemployed educated youth and illiterate common people of low income level groups for their upliftment socially and economically with my team of 200 hundred  members .who are always ready to support our mission with labor and money.

It has active its primary goals to make a team of expert and office infrastructures and training   infrastructure where  my mission statement with work as a branding tool - sum up the purpose of my company.

To add sparkle to everyday life that exceeds our customer’s desires.
To build best products causing no unnecessary harm to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crises.
To inspire our colleagues with innovation and rewards their achievements while striving to expand over market leadership.



I , with my company am going to reach a grand success which may seem a dream to the team members and common people because it will be unique (has been unique)for economic development specially for rural developmental models

I, want than my mission will ultimately achieve  the best success or situation for my customers ,and society  to chase the way we think about saving the planet

Our vision is to be leading company providing or delivering reliable services and products without any harm to the environment.



Tangible Ways in which I , with my company will carry out my mission and progress  toward my vision are to function with  physical production and services with honesty.

Goals are of two types tangible and intangible.
Tangible deliverables will solves and benefit society as well as customers

Intangible deliverables philosophies and values will share the business so far to create economic opportunity to every members of the work force.



I stand for actual providing of quality goods and services where my  customers and society as well as  country can get satisfaction from it .

My beliefs through which I can create and  carry out my goals are to work reasonably and manage all activities or functions properly or priority basis according to situation and circumstances of present trends or strategies.

Tomorrow minded knowledge is power assuming best intentions and sustainability where  we shall empower individuals to money by intersecting creative sustainable packaging with wearable technology that educate, inspires and drives earth friendly actions.

We want to use such type of technology and subscriptions expertise and customer services ethos that real world problems are solved and it is committed to becoming the operating system for my subscriptions based business.


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